No, we don’t take orders less than 10. As the items you ordered are manufactured once the order is confirmed, so manufacturing a single or few pieces is not possible.

Choose/ Click the product you want to purchase.

Click on the “Add to cart” button (Your product will be added to the cart.)

Finalize the deal (if you want to shop more then go to other products if not go to checkout.)

If you are new customer then register, and fill out the Billing Information.

You will be contacted as soon as possible regarding the order and the payment option, as the order takes place once we receive half payment.

Once the order is placed successfully, you will be informed and the delivery will be carried out soon. You shall get your product ranging from few days to weeks depending on your location.

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Please contact us immediately, we shall be viewing the problem as soon as possible.

PayPal or Bank Transfer is highly recommended.

It all depends on your location ranging from couple of days to few weeks for abroad delivery.

Yes, you’ll receive digital invoice on your email.

The minimum order you can create starts from 10.

The ordering process is simple and easy, once you add the products in the cart, you will soon be notified your order with the detailed information of the orders and the remaining procedures through your email.

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